23 - Snow Goose Produce

15170 Fir Island Rd   Mount Vernon, WA  

phone: (360) 445-6908         website:

INFORMATION: Mike started “the goose” in 1984 with a table and an umbrella and a margarine tub for a cash register, selling produce from his organic garden. He got a good sun tan that year waiting for customers. After a few years of growth his wife Mary Louise, an architect, noticed that Mike had the winters off and she did not, so she quit architecting and joined the business. It grew some more. Then their youngest son Vico graduated from college and worked a couple of years for a big organic grower, but Snow Goose stole him back along with the girlfriend he had acquired in the meantime, Erica Fairman. Now they all run the place, except for Mike who looks after the chickens. We farm the long strip where the farm stand is located and a few acres at the home farm, five minutes away, raising organically all the seasonal vegetables, strawberries and a few oddballs as well. The stand is full of other good stuff too: organic eggs, artisan cheeses, wine, craft beers, fish, crab, oysters, jams, sauces, fresh baked goods—you get the picture. Also, we’re famous for our immodest ice cream cones.