11 - Knutzen Farms

9255 Chuckanut Dr   Bellingham, WA  

phone: 360-757-6771         website:

DIRECTIONS: traveling North on I-5 take Exit 231 (Chuckanut Drive) travel 2 ½ miles on Chuckanut Drive/Hwy. 11 watch for the sign that reads Knutzen Farms home of the Chuckanut Valley Potatoes.

INFORMATION: Knutzen Farms is located in Skagit Valley. The unique soil and climatic conditions is an ideal growing environment for our specialty red, white and yellow potatoes. Through 100 plus years, 6 generations of Knutzens are incorporating the knowledge of the past with the insight of the future. Handing down and instilling the philosophy of good stewardship of the land we live on for the preservation of the generations to come. Knutzen Farms is obsessed with quality and takes pride in the product we pack. Look for our product in our private labels of Chuckanut Valley, Naturally Healthy and Highland View.