10 - Hidden Meadow Ranch

20134 East Stackpole Rd   Mount Vernon, WA  

phone: 360-202-5023         website:

DIRECTIONS: From the south, use Exit 224; from the north, use Exit 225. Turn east from the freeway, then turn right onto Cedardale Road. Continue south to Stackpole Road. Turn left. Continue 1.3 miles to driveway with signs for Hidden Meadow Ranch. The driveway is steep; there is plenty of parking at the top.

INFORMATION: Hidden Meadow Ranch is a family farm that raises Heritage turkeys, sheep (lamb), ducks, chickens, and pigs. Just five minutes from I-5 in south Skagit County, we are easy to find. You are always welcome to tour our farm. Spring is a great time to visit our lambs. Petting farm tours are available at $3.00/person (free with farm order). Pony rides are extra. We believe the best-tasting meat comes from happy, contented, well-fed animals. We enjoy gourmet cooking and gourmet foods. We are convinced that the best-tasting food begins with the best ingredients we can find. It is our goal to raise the best-tasting meat and produce you have ever had. Call (360) 202-5023 for farm visits or to place orders. Visit our website for more information.